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2nd Floor, Morrill Hall

1. Plants Get Sick Too Clemencia Rojas

2. Energy and Nanoscience Shudipto Dishari

3. ChatGPT and the Limits of AI M. R. Hasan

4. Polymer Science & Engineering Mona Bavarian

5. Nebraska Nanoscale Energy Engineering Mohammad Ghashami

6. Astronomy Curriculum Tools Kevin Lee

7. You Scratch My Back, I'll Scratch Yours: Microbial Interactions in Extreme Environments! Wayne Riekhof

8. Nanotechnology and Biological Sensors Nicole Iverson

9. Origins of Magma Lynne Elkins

10. Funsize Physics Shireen Adenwalla

11. Cell Collective: Integrate Cutting Edge Technology Into Your Classroom Skylar Loecker

12. Viruses and the World Lindsey Crawford

13. Augmented Reality in Science Education Cornelis "Kees" Uiterwaal

14. Civic Entomology Lab Ariel Dawdy

3rd Floor, Morrill Hall

1. Morrill Hall Education Programs Emily Brown

2. Biological AI: How Far Can We Go with Artificial Intelligence? Sasitharan Balasubramaniam

3. Growable – UNL Institute of Agriculture and Natural Resources Science Literacy Erin Ingram

4. Computer-driven Analyses of Behavior and Neurobiology Ian W. Keesey

5. Smart Materials & Robotics Lab Eric Markvicka

6. Entering the Digital World Using Mixed Reality Hongzhi Guo

7. Biochar and Nebraska Agriculture Britt Fossum

8. Unraveling Molecular Details of Cellular Communication ▪ James Checco |