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Yeutter Institute International Trade Policy Review, November 11, 2022



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A Nov. 2, 2022, symposium sponsored by the University of Nebraska-Lincoln’s Yeutter Institute brought together experts addressing a wide array of trade matters, including global ag market dynamics, North American economic integration and Asia-Pacific economic diplomacy. Among the key questions discussed:

— What complications arise for efforts to shift trade policy toward “friendshoring”?

— How well has North American economic integration fared in the wake of NAFTA and its successor, the USMCA?

— What factors, such as the Russian invasion of Ukraine, are currently affecting agricultural markets and global food insecurity?

— What guideposts can best direct U.S. economic diplomacy in the Asia-Pacific region?

— Does the World Trade Organization retain relevance amid changing global trade conditions?

This biennial Yeutter Institute event, with in-person and online attendance, was held at the University of Nebraska’s Innovation Campus and featured the theme, “New Patterns of Trade Integration.” Complete YouTube video of the speakers and panels is here.

Here are key observations made by speakers and panelists:

Presentation: “Consensus and Accommodation: Where are the New Fault Lines in International Trade?” — Edward Alden, Ross Distinguished Professor at Western Washington University and senior fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations.

Presentation: U.S. Leadership and the World Trade Organization — Andrea Durkin, Assistant U.S. Trade Representative, WTO and Multilateral Affairs.

Panel: North American Integration and the State of Trade — David Gantz, Will Clayton Fellow, Baker Institute, Rice University; Professor of Law Emeritus, University of Arizona. • Eric Miller, President, Rideau Potomac Strategy Group • Kenneth Smith Ramos, Partner, AGON; Mexico’s Former Chief Negotiator for the U.S. Mexico Canada Agreement • Moderator: Ken Levinson, Executive Director, Washington International Trade Association.

Panel: What Does the War in Ukraine Mean for Agriculture Markets and Global Food Security? — Dalton Henry, Vice President of Trade Policy, U.S. Wheat Associates • Jason Grant, W.G. Wysor Professor of Agriculture and Director of the Center for Agricultural Trade, Virginia Tech • Yacob Zereyesus, Senior Economist, USDA Economic Research Service • Moderator: Katrin Kuhlmann, Visiting Professor of Law, Faculty Co-Director, Center on Inclusive Trade and Development, Georgetown University Law Center.

Panel: Understanding the Asia-Pacific: Geopolitics, Trade, and Investment — Ellen Frost, Senior Advisor and Fellow, East-West Center • Christine McDaniel, Senior Research Fellow, Mercatus Center, George Mason University; Non-Resident Fellow, Yeutter Institute • Wendong Zhang, Assistant Professor, Dyson School of Applied Economics and Management, Cornell University • Moderator: Jill O’Donnell, Haggart-Work Director, Yeutter Institute.