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The purpose of this book is to investigate and discuss the premise that the current generation was constructed to be consumers for a transitional marketplace. As the economy shifted from analog to digital, consumers had to be trained to accept, use and progress within a new economic model through changes in societal and economic patterns. During the course of this book those patterns will be discussed and displayed as a confluence of: Marketplace manipulation, Abusive use of technologies, and Lack of governance.

In this book I discuss how those events are reflected in the habits and lifestyles of the current 12 to 25 year old demographic globally and how it has caused them to be the consummate consumer of digital goods based on events that have been created to develop them to be consumers and to be consumed. One of the first questions is whether this was the fault of parenting; in my opinion – no, it was more the position families were placed in and how they best could survive. When many events come into play and seemingly conspire to force families to re-invent themselves, it is not so much the fault of the “herd” but the result of the “rancher”.


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