4-H Youth Development



Gerda Petersen

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This circular will help team members understand each other and the evaluation process and to work together effectively. Included in the circular is a discussion of objectives, tips for judges, judging guides and a description of a desirable appearance. As 4-H clothing projects are evaluated at fairs we hope the judge will look at the total picture, will not criticize minor details, and will have good reasons for her decision. We hope the rest of the team will accept this decision like good sports. : OBJECTIVES As we evaluate 4-H clothing projects at fairs we hope they will help the girl: 1. Develop character and effective citizenship qualities through: *Considering participation as a learning experience *Growing in ability to evaluate herself and understanding that self evaluation is a continuous process *Being willing to try again and to strive for improvement *Accepting the decision of the judge in the spirit of good sportsmanship *Being considerate of other people 2. Present a good personal appearance by: *Desiring to be neat and well-groomed *Desiring to be appropriately dressed *Developing an understanding of "herself" so she may make or select clothing and accessories that are becoming and expressive of her individuality *Acquiring and using skill in choosing artistic designs and combining colors and textures *Improving her skill in handling fabric and constructing a garment 3. Develop ability to plan clothing expenditures to get the greatest satisfaction from money her family permits her to spend.