4-H Youth Development


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INTRODUCTION Why This Project Is Important to the 4-H Member Soil and water conservation is wise use and care of the two most important natural resources—soil and water—for the greatest good, for the most people, for the longest time. How wisely our soil and water conservation problems are solved will be reflected in the wealth and spirit of tomorrow's people. A working knowledge of the watershed approach to land protection and flood reduction is important for planning community size programs. Those who practice soil and water conservation on the land have taken the first step toward solving their water problems „ But complete control of water and soil requires action by the people in each watershed. We all have a share in the watershed job to be done. As you begin this project remember that conservation is a part of good citizenship. Conservation implies the greatest good for the greatest number not only now, but for future generations. It involves attitudes as well as understandings and techniques. All of the knowledge you can gain as a 4-H club member will help continue the vital conservation program.