4-H Youth Development



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You are a 4-H Leader. Congratulations for being selected, and for your willingness to serve youth! You will have both responsibilities and opportunities. You will gain untold satisfactions as you see boys and girls grow and develop. Boys and girls will look to you as their friend, teacher, guide and helper. Your job will be challenging and rewarding. You may have been a 4-H member yourself, or you may have heard of 4-H only recently. As a leader you will want to know what 4-H is all about. Let's look at it.

4-H is a voluntary, educational program designed to meet the needs and interests of boys and girls. The emblem is a four-leaf clover with an H in each leaf. The letters in the emblem stand for Head, Heart, Hands and Health--the foundation of all 4-H programs. As a leader, you'll help your members develop.