ADAPT Program -- Accent on Developing Abstract Processes of Thought


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Presentation at Cognitive Development and College Instruction: A Symposium to Celebrate 15 Years of the ADAPT Program, April 5 and 6, 1990, University of Nebraska Lincoln


How can we assure that our students really learn? If we want to improve the learning process, we'll have to decide what we mean by "learn." Recall a time when you learned
something new -- a new skill, a new technique, a new word, a new hobby, a new way of interacting with people and consider the following three questions:

First, why did you bother? . You knew that learning would change you, and that change meant stress. Why would anyone volunteer for additional stress?

Second, how dld you feel during the learning process? Was it difficult or easy? Was it a delight or a bore?

Third, what was the outcome? Did your behavior change? Did it stay changed or did it fade? Would you consider it a successful learning experience?