Agricultural Economics Department



Date of this Version

October 2005


Call for Applications

Masters Level Support in Agricultural Economics With a Specialty in Agricultural and Food Industrial Organization.

GOAL: To encourage undergraduate women to pursue advanced degrees in agricultural and food industrial organization (AFIO); foster a welcoming atmosphere of scholarship, mentoring, and networking for women with an eye on placing them in leadership positions in industry, academia, and public policy; and capitalize on the future success of the fellows to induce more women to pursue advanced degrees in AFIO.

OPPORTUNITIES: Fellows will be trained in state-of-the-art industrial organization concepts applied to the agri-food system, taught by an internationally-renown and culturally diverse faculty, exposed to a lively and intellectually stimulating academic environment characterized by frequent workshops and seminars; hosted in a department located in a state that offers rich and practical experience in the workings of the farm-to-food system, and given the opportunity through collaboration with the Nebraska Rural Initiative to gain practical experience by interning with agribusinesses, state and federal government agencies.

The fellowships will carry a yearly stipend of $15,000 in addition to a tuition waiver and benefits.

Application deadline for the fellowships is January 15, 2006.