Agricultural Economics Department


Date of this Version

October 2005


This report contains historical price data for the major crops and livestock commodities produced in Nebraska. Prices received by producers are reported for 1960-2005 for most of the commodities. The data was compiled from Nebraska Agricultural Statistics Service and Agricultural Prices, National Agricultural Statistics Service, USDA; Oil Crops Situation and Outlook, Economic Research Service, USDA; Cotton and Wool Outlook, Economic Research Service, USDA; and Livestock and Grain Market News, Agricultural Marketing Service, USDA. Sources of prices for each commodity are indicated on the tables. Calendar year average prices (simple averages of the January through December prices) are provided in each table. For crops, marketing year averages weighted by sales are also provided. For some commodities, monthly prices for Nebraska were discontinued and other regional or national monthly and annual prices were reported. When possible, the Nebraska marketing year weighted average was also provided. Three-year, ten-year, and forty-year (or length-of table) monthly and yearly averages are included at the bottom of each table.