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Genetics 7 (1922), pp 203-236.


Copyright 1922 the authors.


Attention was called by Montgomery (1906)to the occasional appearance

of perfect flowers in the staminate inflorescence of maize and similar

cases were reported by Kempton (1913). Montgomery (1911) described

with illustrations a true-breeding type of semi-dwarf dent maize, the ears

of which were perfect-flowered. Perfect-flowered maize was described

and illustrated also by Blaringhem (1908, pp. 180-183). East and

Hayes (1911, pp. 13, 14) noted and illustrated a perfect-flowered sweet

corn. Weatherwax (1916, 1917) showed that typically pistillate

flowers of maize exhibit in microscopic sections the rudiments of stamens

and that staminate flowers show rudiments of pistils.