Edna B. Snyder

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Snyder, Edna B. (1936) Some factors affecting the cooking quality of the pea and Great Northern types of dry beans (Research Bulletin: Bulletin of the Agricultural Experiment Station of Nebraska No. 85)


ISSN 0097-1416


Dry beans of the Great Northern and pea-bean type from Nebraska and several other bean-producing states were studied to determine the factors affecting the cooking quality. A standard cooking procedure with distilled water was used to disclose differences in cooking quality, and the percentage of beans too hard for table use was determined for each cooked portion. The factors studied were: soaking, including time and temperatures; storage, including time and storage conditions; age; size; place of origin; effect of chemical solutions; and the composition of the seed coat. The chemical solutions used were hydrochloric and acetic acids in different concentrations; sulphates and chlorides of calcium, magnesium, and sodium; sodium bicarbonate; and ammonium salts of oxalic, citric, and tartaric acids. A quantitative analysis of the bean seed coats was made for the following constituents: protein, fats, calcium, magnesium, and pectic material.