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Emerson, R.A. and East, E.M. (1913). The inheritance of quantitative characters in maize (Research bulletin: Bulletin of the Agricultural Experiment Station of Nebraska No.2)


ISSN 0097-1333


The experiments conducted by one of the writers were begun at the Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station at New Haven in 1906 and removed to the Bussey Institution of Harvard University at Forest Hills, Massachusetts, in 1909. The materials employed in this study consisted principally of crosses of Tom Thumb pop with Black Mexican sweet and of Watson flint with Leaming dent. The number of rows per ear were noted in several other crosses, the parents of which are listed later in this paper. The experiments of the other writer were begun at the Nebraska Agricultural Experiment Station at Lincoln in 1908, where they have been continued to the present time. A part of the material studied in 1911 was grown at the Bussey Institution at Forest Hills, Massachusetts. The plants used in this study were crosses of Tom Thumb pop with Missouri dent and of the latter variety with California pop.