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Van Es, L. and Olney, J.F. (1936) The immunizing value of commercial hemorrhagic septicemia aggressins (Research Bulletin: Bulletin of the Agricultural Experiment Station of Nebraska No. 87)


ISSN 0097-1418


In 1924, Gochenour published the results of certain experiments which tended to show that what he regarded as a specific aggressin possessed an immunizing value against hemorrhagic septicemia. The aggressin he prepared, by the use of a highly virulent strain of Bacillus bipolaris, was described as having adequately protected seven bovine yearlings against inoculations with the same organism which, when injected into four yearlings, used as virus controls, proved fatal to them. Soon after, if not simultaneously with, the publication of the Gochenour articles, hemorrhagic septicemia aggressin was placed on the market and apparently has since then been sold in considerable amounts. In view of the limited number of animals used in the Gochenour experiments, of the absence of any evidence that controlled observations in the field had been made, and of the vagaries and inconsistencies so frequently observed in connection with the pathogenic and antigenic character of B. bipolaris, this Experiment Station undertook certain tests to determine the immunizing value of the commercial aggressins, when an opportunity to do so presented itself.