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Business in Nebraska vol. 53, no. 623


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Nebraska Quarterly Business Conditions Survey (NQBCS) 3rd quarter results ind icate that the state's economy continues to do well in both metro and non metro counties. But, progress is being hampered by labor shortages, especially by the lack of qualified applicants for a relatively high number of job openings, across the state.

Forty-two percent of the businesses reporting in the 3rd quarter 1997 business conditions survey indicated gains in 3rd quarter revenues over 2nd quarter revenues, equaling the percent reported a year ago for 3rd quarter gains. The 3rd quarter 1996 survey was the first quarterly survey conducted in Nebraska. Since the inauguration of the NQBCS in October 1996, the percent of businesses reporting quarterly gains in revenues has remained virtually unchanged.


Job Creation and Replacement Hires


Unfilled Positions

The Melnlng of the Unemployment Rate