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Published in the Proceedings of the Helminthological Society of Washington (July 1965) 32(2): 169-171. Copyright 1965, the Helminthological Society of Washington. Used by permission.


Totanus flavipes (Gmelin) 1789 (lesser yellowlegs) collected from the Cheyenne Bottoms Waterfowl Management area, Barton County, Kansas was parasitized by cestodes belonging to the poorly known genus Kowalewskiella Baczynska 1914 and constituting a species new to science.

Kowalewskiella totani n. sp. is described from Totanus flavipes from Barton County, Kansas. It differs from K. cingulifera (Krabbe 1869) Sandeman 1959 in being much larger and having roughly twice as many testes as the latter species.