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From Waterfowl of North America, Revised Edition (2010). Copyright © 2010 Paul A. Johnsgard.


Gadwall, Pair
Gadwall, Adult male
Baikal Teal, Pair
American Green-winged Teal, Pair
Baikal Teal, Adult male
American Green-winged Teal, Adult male
Common Mallard, Adult male
Common Mallard, Brooding female
Mexican Mallard, Pair
Florida Mallard, Pair
Northern Pintail, Adult male
Bahama Pintail, Adult male
Garganey, Adult male
Garganey, Pair
Blue-winged Teal, Pair
Cinnamon Teal, Pair
Northern Shoveler, Adult male
Northern Shoveler, Pair
Canvasback, Adult female
Canvasback, Pair
Redhead, Adult male
Redhead, Adult female
Ring-necked Duck, Pair
Ring-necked Duck, Pair
Tufted Duck, Pair
Greater Scaup, Pair
Greater Scaup, Adult male
Lesser Scaup, Pair
American Common Eider, Adult males
American Common Eider, Group of adults
King Eider, Adult male
King Eider, Adult female

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