Bird Strike Committee Proceedings



Richard Parker

Date of this Version

May 1999


Today I am going to give you a report on recent bird ingestion events into transport category turbofan engine in commercial service. We are still having these events. We may not ever completely eliminate all such events, but our purpose for meeting is to put all our resources to work to try. The events that I am going to report on today represent some of the more significant events over the last couple of years. The events are significant because of the potential for jeopardizing the safety of the aircraft involved and the aircraft occupants.

The events I am going to discuss all involve encounters with large birds. Each situation reflects a bird control issue or event that resulted in a high workload for the flight crew because something out of the ordinary happened that they had to respond to. Some of the situations involve areas outside the US or Canada but serve as a lesson because that the same situation can happen here.