Bird Strike Committee Proceedings


Date of this Version

May 1999


We entered the birdstrike arena last year at the Burke Lakefront Airport just prior to the 1998 Bird Strike Committee meeting. Stronghold was applied tank-mixed with Flight Control™ Bird Repellent from Environmental Biocontrol, International ,Wilmington, Delaware. The initial test on the airport was not conclusive, but the idea of the combination appealed to Dr. Richard Dolbeer, Project Leader, USDA , National Wildlife Research Center, Sandusky, Ohio. A second trial plot was established on government property at Sandusky, Ohio. The objective being to quantify the value of Stronghold to the bird repellent activity of Flight Control. The results are to be published in Dr. Brad Blackwell’s research paper later this year. Grass treated with Flight Control mixed with Stronghold held Flight Control’s repelling ability for 22 days—when the trial was terminated. Flight Control applied to grass without Stronghold lasted considerably less time.