Bird Strike Committee Proceedings


Date of this Version

August 2003


As part of a continuing FAA research program in wildlife hazard assessment and management at airports, a GIS Technical Element – DFW was developed for the Wildlife Hazard Advisory System (WHAS). For the DFW GIS data layers were obtained from public sources and supplemented with airport specific information. Data themes were developed to support general analysis of wildlife habitat on the AOA and adjacent airport property, and analysis was extended to a distance of 25 miles from the airport to accommodate all aircraft in high risk airspace. Over 10,000 wildlife report records were integrated with data on birdstrikes and runway utilization. Species flight paths leading to runway conflicts were identified. AOA analyses were supplemented with regional habitat analysis and integrated with aircraft movement plots to identify potential hazards to aircraft safety. The GIS provided a foundation for the 2D and 3D visualization of wildlife hazards for DFW.