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May 14, 2008 in The China Beat


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There is an enormous amount of worthy coverage of the earthquake. If you have suggestions for other recommended reading, please post a comment.

1. Some of the best coverage in the United States is coming from NPR, who had Melissa Block and Robert Siegel in Sichuan to cover other stories at the time of the quake. At NPR, you can see photos, listen to and read the coverage of rural areas, and even hear Melissa Block, who was mid-interview when the earthquake struck, narrating what she saw from the street.

2. Rebecca MacKinnon posted a short piece with links to a variety of websites posting information from people in Sichuan.

3. Peter Hessler’s moving essay in The New Yorker includes notes and updates from his former students (some of whom he has written about in both his books).

4. The continuation of the torch relay’s domestic legs following the earthquake has touched off debate and anger in China. This AFP report gives more detail.

5. Melinda Liu’s oddly prescient mention of the 1976 earthquake in an article on the crisis in Myanmar raises questions about the relationship between (badly-managed) natural disasters and regime change.