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January 15, 2009 in The China Beat


Copyright January 15, 2009. Used by permission.


China Beat has been in operation now for a full year. And what a year! We started this blog with the inkling that 2008 might be eventful, if only because of the Olympic Games. But the past year turned out to be one of China’s most eventful and traumatic in modern history.

It’s been an honor for us to be able to add our thoughts and ideas into the mix. We’re enormously grateful to our many contributors, as well as you, our readers, for stopping by regularly and letting us know your thoughts and sharing your own knowledge.

Here are some fun facts and lists from a year of China Beat…

In the past year, China Beat has had:

300 Posts (This makes 301!)

148,784 Visits

84,612 Unique Visitors

221,294 Pageviews

Most visits in one day: July 15, 2008 (1,509 visitors)

Fewest visits in one day: February 9, 2008 (61 visitors)

Total countries of origin for China Beat visitors: 168 (see below for the top ten)