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March 13, 2009 in The China Beat


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We received many correct answers to last week’s Frivolous Friday quiz. For the prize of a copy of China’s Brave New World–And Other Tales for Global Times, Jeff Wasserstrom asked readers to guess which two people he had in mind to answerthis question: “If you could bring back to life, for a day, two people you’ve written about who are now dead, and ask them questions about what Shanghai was like then, who would they be and what would you ask them?” The clues were:

1) Both people were cosmopolitan women who spent time in both China and the United States.

2) Though only one was an American, each went to college in the U.S., attending in each case schools that had “W”s at the start of one part of the institution’s name.

3) One had a husband who studied in Hong Kong and then was later detained in London, while the other had a husband who was imprisoned in Hong Kong and then later taught in London.

4) One was played on screen by Maggie Cheung.

5) One had a husband whose name began with the letters “Cha,” while the other had a father whose name began with those same letters.