Discipline-Based Education Research Group


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Presented to UNL Discipline-Based Education Research Group, 2011.


Copyright 2011, Leilani Arthurs.



1. Welcome & Introductions

Name, Dept, research interest, what you hope to gain from participating in DBER Group meetings

2. Purpose & Schedule for remaining part of the semester

a. Alternate times you are available to meet this semester

Please indicate your alternate available times on the bottom of this agenda, and return to Leilani.

b. Volunteers to present their research or facilitate discussion on peer‐reviewed science education research article with relevance to, applications in, or implications for undergraduate science education

Week of Mon. Oct. 31: Dr. Marilyne Stains (CHEM Dept) on “TBA”

Week of Mon. Nov. 7: CHEM Ed graduate student Jonathan Velasco on “TBA”

Week of Mon. Nov. 14: Dr. Leilani Arthurs (EAS Dept) on “Identifying Alternate Conceptions and Utilizing Them to Construct an Oceanography Concept Inventory”

Week of Mon. Nov. 21: Dr. Hannah Sevian (invited) on “NSF Programs in Ed & Human Resources”

Week of Mon. Nov. 28: Dr. Elizabeth Lewis (TLTE Dept) on “TBA”

Week of Mon. Dec. 5 (last week of classes): Dr. Eric Malina (CHEM Dept) on “ACE 4”

3. Questions & Open Forum