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Rootstock and mounding effect on growth and cold hardiness of 'Gewurztraminer' (Vitis vinifera) and bud dormancy of 'Lacrosse' and 'Chambourcin' (Vitis spp.)

Sanjun Gu, University of Nebraska - Lincoln


Growth and cold hardiness of mounded/non-mounded ‘Gewürztraminer’ (Vitis. vinifera) on ‘Riparia Gloire’, ‘St. George’, ‘3309 Couderc’, ‘110 Richter’, ‘1103 Paulsen’ and ‘MG 420A’ were investigated. ‘Gewürztraminer’ grapevines responded differently to mild or harsh winter(s). Rootstocks did not significantly affect the vegetative growth of ‘Gewürztraminer’ vines regardless of winter types, but they modified cold hardiness of the scions. Scions on ‘3309 Couderc’ and ‘MG 420A’ were most cold hardy. Mounding protected ‘Gewürztraminer’ vines from winter cold and increased pruning weight significantly. Scions on mounded rootstocks ‘110 Richter’, ‘St. George’ and ‘ Riparia Gloire’ broke buds earlier than on the non-mounded rootstocks. ^ Dormancy of one-year-old buds of Vitis spp. ‘Lacrosse’, ‘Chambourcin’ and ‘Chambourcin’/‘3309 Couderc’ were investigated. Grapevines in Nebraska may be at deep endodormancy in October and November, at shallow endodormancy in December and January, and at ecodormancy after February. ‘Lacrosse’ was less dormant than own-rooted ‘Chambourcin’, which was less dormant than grafted ‘Chambourcin’. Forcing solution did not increase budbreak of dormant grapevine buds. Plant growth regulators BA, IAA, GA3 and ABA included in the forcing solution delayed budbreak. SEM images of bud meristems showed that dormant buds were slowly growing during the dormant season. The dormant buds of grafted ‘Chambourcin’ were more advanced than those of own-rooted ‘Chambourcin’. Cross, tangential and longitudinal sections of dormant shoots under SEM showed no significant changes of starch granules during dormancy. Determination of endogenous ABA and GAs by GC-MS showed the presence of ABA, GA4 and GA 1, but not GA3, in dormant buds. ABA content in dormant buds was much higher than GA4 and GA1 content. ABA content had some correlation, while GA4 or GA1 content did not, to bud dormancy. Endogenous ABA/GAs in dormant buds was not demonstrated to control bud dormancy. Content of ABA and GAs in dormant buds of ‘Chambourcin’ was significantly increased by grafting to rootstock ‘3309 Couderc’. ^

Subject Area

Agriculture, Agronomy|Agriculture, Forestry and Wildlife|Agriculture, Plant Culture

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Gu, Sanjun, "Rootstock and mounding effect on growth and cold hardiness of 'Gewurztraminer' (Vitis vinifera) and bud dormancy of 'Lacrosse' and 'Chambourcin' (Vitis spp.)" (2003). ETD collection for University of Nebraska - Lincoln. AAI3104616.