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Phylogenetic analysis of the scarab family Hybosoridae and monographic revision of the New World subfamily Anaidinae (Coleoptera: Scarabaeoidea)

Federico Carlos Ocampo, University of Nebraska - Lincoln


Phylogenetic analyses and taxonomic revisions were conducted on the scarabaeoid family Hybosoridae. Two new subfamilies of Hybosoridae are described, Liparochrinae and Pachyplectrinae. Phylogenetic analysis and a through systematic revision of the New World subfamily Anaidinae are provided. The phylogenetic analyses of the family Hybosoridae, based on molecular data from the 28S D2 and D3 regions rDNA and 18S rDNA, support the monophyly of Hybosoridae. Five clades (referred to as subfamilies) comprise the Hybosoridae: Anaidinae, Ceratocanthinae, Hybosorinae, Liparochrinae (new subfamily), and Pachyplectrinae (new subfamily). As a result, the following family group names have new status: Anaidinae (previously considered a tribe) and Ceratocanthinae (previously considered a family). Phylogenetic analyses of the subfamily Anaidinae, based on 117 adult morphological characters, support the monophyly of the subfamily, which now includes six genera: Anaides, Callosides, Chaetodus, Cryptogenius, Hybochaetodus, and Totoia. Character states supporting clades of Anaidinae are discussed. Descriptions of all subfamilies of Hybosoridae are provided. Keys to genera and species of Anaidinae and synopses of all genera are provided. Two genera of Anaidinae are revised: Anaides and Chaetodus. The genus Anaides now includes 13 species, eight of which are new. The species A. reticulatus Endrodi is placed in synonymy with A. fossulatus Westwood. The genus Chaetodus now includes two subgenera and 32 species, 18 of which are new. The subgenus Pseudohybosorus Endrodi is placed in sysnonymy with Chaetodus Westwood. Pseudohybosorus drifti Endrodi and the subspecies Chaetodus amazonicus inesperatus MartInez are placed in synonymy with Chaetodus amazonicus de Borre. Chaetodus apicipennis Petrovitz is placed in synonymy with C. exaratus Arrow. Chaetodus striatus de Borre is placed in synonymy with C. irregularis Westwood. A checklist of world Hybosoridae species is provided.*^ *Important note: This dissertation is not issued for the public and/or permanent scientific record, and all nomenclatural acts presented here have no nomenclatural value. A forthcoming printed version of this work will validate all nomenclatural acts herein according to the rules of the International Code of Zoological Nomenclature.^

Subject Area

Biology, Entomology|Biology, Zoology

Recommended Citation

Ocampo, Federico Carlos, "Phylogenetic analysis of the scarab family Hybosoridae and monographic revision of the New World subfamily Anaidinae (Coleoptera: Scarabaeoidea)" (2005). ETD collection for University of Nebraska - Lincoln. AAI3175351.