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Exhibit April 2 through June 30, 2010 Love Library University of Nebraska-Lincoln


Thanks to the many contributors to the Emeriti In Action exhibit. The arrangement of materials demonstrates the diversity of faculty and the activities that have been pursued since attaining Emeriti status. Themes evident throughout the display include volunteerism at UNL or in the broader community, continuing research, history projects, and artistic/craft work. These are some of the ways members of the UNL Emeriti have remained in action.

Ahlschwede, Margrethe; Colorful Quilting (6)

Ahlschwede, William; Carved Purple Wooden Cone Flowers (5)

Alcorn, Dewaine; 1. Genealogy and Genetic Genealogy; 2. Pedigree of Emma and Vanner Vangreen’s Children (3)

Andrews, David; Breeding of Ornamental Pearl Millet (Love North Display Area Tabletop Unit)

Anthony, Hazel; Home Economics Through the Years: 1898-2002 (9)

Bagley, Walter; Woody Plants for the Central and Northern Prairies (6)

Carr, James; Clues About Sunken Ships: Identity Analysis (7)

Chollet, Raymond; The Pyruvate, Orthophosphate Dikinase Regulatory Proteins of Arabidopsis (3)

Diffendal, Bob; Great Plains Research: A Journal of Natural and Social Sciences with accompanying map (8)

Emeriti Association; Zelma A. Wisherd Headstone Project (1)

Eversoll, Deanna; 1. Brain Health and Wellness; 2. SAGE Founder Trophy (1)

Fenster, Charles; Breaking the Ground: The Evolution of Farming in the Panhandle of Nebraska Through 2002 (8)

Fuller, Robert; 1. College Teaching: Development of Reasoning; 2. Aung San Suu Kyi: Fearless Voice of Burma (7)

Gibbs, Dale; Sketches: Rue Montponsier, Paris (10)

Hedges, Ned; Chip-N-Golf Hall of Fame Trophy (7)

Hillestad, Robert; Robert Hillestad: A Textiles Journey (6)

Howe, Herbert; Emeriti Continue Teaching Through the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute (OLLI) (1)

Kendrick, James; Through the Lens: A Life in Black and White (10)

Lang, Russell; Original Land Transfers of Nebraska: How the West was Almost Given Away (8)

Lidolph, Twyla; Sewing: A Vest (6)

Lu, Pau-Chang; 1. Mechanical & Aero-Space Engineering Analysis; 2. Space Time/ Quantum Physics: A Guide for Myself (7)

Mientka, Walter; International Mathematical Olympiad (4)

Miller, Tice; 1. University Theatre: You Can Never Tell; 2. Entertainment and Art: American Drama 1910-1940 (6)

Moser, Lowell; American Society Of Agronomy: 100 years of History (8)

Nelson, Darrell; 1. Nebraska Civil Air Patrol; 2. Remote Sensing Platform Flight (2)

Newton, Audrey; Original Dolls (9)

Ottoson, Howard; Pelican Lakes: The History of a Minnesota Community (2)

Petr, Jerry; Exploritas: Adventures in Lifelong Learning (1)

Pritchard, Mary Lou; 1. The Collection and Preservation of Animal Parasites; 2. A Guide to the Parasite Collections of the World (6)

Rockwell, Kay; Helping Ugandan Parents Build Kasolwe Hillside School at Kamuli, Uganda (2)

Rudd, Eugene; Hemholtz Resonators (7)

Sawyers, H. Keith; 1. Buildings of Nebraska: A Guidebook; 2. Extended travel log (3)

Shields, Roscoe; An America to be Remembered: Paintings and Drawings (10)

Splinter, Bill; Lester F. Larsen Tractor Test and Power Museum (5)

Thornton, Melvin; Building a Log Cabin on the Prairie (5)

Wayne, Bill; Fulbright Research in Argentina: Geology Applied to Urban and Urbanizing Areas (4)

Young, Lyle; Carved Pintail Hen Duck with a Chick Under Her Wing (6)

Young, Marge; Dearest Mauguerite: Letters from a Soldier to the Wife He Left Behind (6)

Photographs of the exhibit and launch event are @ http://digitalcommons.unl.edu/emeritiinaction/