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Date of this Version

December 2007


Published by U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.


In this issue:
4 Measuring Recovery Success
6 Partnerships Can Conserve Species and a Way of Life
8 Rare Bird Nests Are Cause for Celebration
10 Jump Starting a Rabbit’s Recovery
11 Conserving a Natural Utah Treasure
12 New Hope for the Leon Springs Pupfish
14 Sometimes It’s the Little Things That Matter
16 Cooperative Conservation for the Page Springsnail
18 A Rare Plant Returns to San Francisco Bay
20 Fisheries and Habitat Conservation
22 Species Recovery Through Habitat and Resource Conservation
24 Fish and Wildlife Management Assistance
26 Partnerships for Shared Stewardship
28 The Environmental Contaminants Program
30 The National Fish Hatchery System
32 A Living Fossil Fights for Survival
36 The Return of a Lake-dwelling Giant
38 Hatcheries Are for More Than Fish
40 The Texas Blind Salamander
42 Hatchery Breeds Wyoming’s Rarest Toad
44 A New Approach for Monitoring Multiple Species
46 Focus on Refuges
50 Good News for the Amur Tiger
52 Translocation and Disease Monitoring of Wild Laysan Ducks

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