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October 1996


Published by U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.


Putting Refuges on the Map: Service Celebrates National Wildlife Refuge Week
Statement by President Clinton on Signing the “Mollie Beattie Wilderness Area Act”
Service Mussels Forward with Ecosystem Approach to Fish and Wildlife Conservation
Service Helps Dedicate Illinois Wetland as 15th Wetland of International Importance
Service Proposes Youth Waterfowling Day; Approval of Bismuth-Tin Sho
Seven Departments Agree to Bolster Recreational Fisheries
Talented Toddler Takes Trout at Alaska “Kids Fishing Day”
Service Urges Boaters to “Pump and Dump”
Lions and Tigers and . . . Snakes–– O’Hare Exhibit Educates Travelers About Illegal Wildlife
Wolves Thriving in Yellowstone, No New Introductions in 1997
National Postal Museum Premieres New Federal Duck Stamp Exhibit
Race Against the Clock: Refuge Tries to Stop Bird Epidemic Before Fall Migration
Major Settlement with Pipeline Companies to Fund Restoration of Midwestern Creek
Faster than a Speeding Bullet
New Policy Balances Angling, Endangered Species Conservation
Cold War Laboratory Becomes Wildlife Education Hot Spot
17 Service Employees Recognized as “Unusually Outstanding” for 1995
Conservation, Water on Prairies Allow Ducks to Fly High Again
Regional Roundup
A Comeback for FWS News