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Great Plains Quarterly 33:2 (Spring 2013)


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Published in conjunction with an exhibition of the same name at the University of Nebraska– Lincoln’s Sheldon Museum of Art, this book traces developments in geometric abstraction during the past one hundred years. Curators Jorge Daniel Veneciano and Sharon Kennedy have provided essays for the catalogue, Kennedy putting geometric abstraction into its historical context and Veneciano analyzing it from the philosophical perspectives of spiritualism and the esoteric tradition. In addition, two well-known artists/ critics, Peter Halley and Jeremy Gilbert-Rolfe, contribute essays. Halley’s “The Crisis in Geometry,” first published in Arts Magazine in 1984, was influenced by the then emergent critical theory positions associated with postmodernism, especially the work of Michel Foucault and Jean Baudrillard. Gilbert-Rolfe’s “New Directions in Geometric Abstraction,” a recent text, deals with contemporary abstract painting, including his own, and makes use of the theoretical work of Julia Kristeva and Gilles Deleuze.