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Fall 2012


Great Plains Quarterly 32:4 (Fall 2012).


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Norwegians and Swedes is an international and interdisciplinary collection of essays representing recent scholarship on migration and emphasizing relationships between two groups of nineteenth- and early twentieth-century immigrants from Europe. Emerging from a 2007 conference, the book contains seventeen essays by active scholars in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, and the United States. Donna R. Gabaccia's thoughtful foreword helps frame the book and informs readers that twenty years ago Rudolph J. Vecoli called for an "interethnic perspective on American immigration history." This collection might be seen as the fruit of that vision. Emerging at! a time when immigration continues to vex the nation, this collection shows a path for future projects on interethnicity or panethnicity. Norwegians and Swedes possessed both common ground in geography, history, language, culture, and tensions in their political history; and both crossed the Atlantic. The dynamic intersections of the commonalities and tensions form the core of this fine book.