Interdisciplinary Conference on Human Trafficking at the University of Nebraska



Date of this Version



Thursday, September 29
Welcome Reception

Friday, September 30
Session 1.1 International Trafficking Issues I
Session 1.2 Local and Regional Trafficking Issues I
Session 1.3 Legislation and Law Enforcement I
Session 2.1 Collaboration I
Session 2.2 US Teens & Young Adults
Session 2.3 Economic & Market Analysis I
Plenary Session: Think Globally, Act Locally: Panel on Human Trafficking in Nebraska and the Great Plains
Session 3.1 World Trafficking
Session 3.2 Collaboration Initiatives
Session 3.3 Legislation and Law Enforcement II
Session 4.1 International labor Trafficking
Session 4.2 Public Action I
Session 4.3 Legislation and Law Enforcement III
Film: Sex and Money (a documentary on sex trafficking and the sex industry in America)

Saturday, October 1
Session 5.1 Community Models I
Session 5.2 Public Action II
Session 6.1 Community Models II
Session 6.2 Theory and Methods
Session 7.1 Rehabilitation
Session 7.2 India and Sri Lanka
Session 8.1 Economic and Market Analysis II
Session 8.2 Men and Boys

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