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October 2005


Canada Takes a Big Step Forward
Update from the Centre for Coastal Health
West Nile Virus in non-corvid Bird Species
National Cervid Population Estimates
Fatal Encounter of a Great Horned Owl with a Porcupine
Total Amputation of Extremities in a Raccoon
Foot Gangrene in Northern Gannets
Avian Cholera in the St. Lawrence Estuary in the Common Eider
Verminous pneumonia in beluga whales from the St. Lawrence Estuary
Pesticide Toxicities in Birds
Virus Infections in Gulls & Cormorants on Lakes Erie and Ontario
A Mortality Event in Freshwater Drum from Lake Ontario, Associated with Viral Hemorrhagic Septicemia virus (VHSv), Type IV
Hibernation-Associated & Early Post-Emergence Mortalities of Vancouver Island Marmots in BC, May 2005
Post Mortem Findings in Small Cetacean Strandings in the Pacific Northwest, 1999-2004
Changes in the Regulatory Status of Ketamine & its Implications for Wildlife Professionals
New Wildlife Disease Specialist for the Canadian Wildlife Service
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