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Date of this Version

October 2005


Canada Takes a Big Step Forward
Update from the Centre for Coastal Health
West Nile Virus in non-corvid Bird Species
National Cervid Population Estimates
Disease Updates
Atlantic Region:
Fatal Encounter of a Great Horned Owl with a Porcupine
Total Amputation of Extremities in a Raccoon
Foot Gangrene in Northern Gannets
Quebec Region:
Avian Cholera in the St. Lawrence Estuary in the Common Eider
Verminous pneumonia in beluga whales from the St. Lawrence Estuary
Ontario Region:
Type E Botulism in Lake Ontario 2004/2005
Pesticide Toxicities in Birds
Virus Infections in Gulls & Cormorants on Lakes Erie and Ontario
A Mortality Event in Freshwater Drum from Lake Ontario, Associated with Viral Hemorrhagic Septicemia virus (VHSv), Type IV
Western/Northern Region
Tularemia in Deer Mice in West-Central SK
Hibernation-Associated & Early Post-Emergence Mortalities of Vancouver Island Marmots in BC, May 2005
Post Mortem Findings in Small Cetacean Strandings in the Pacific Northwest, 1999-2004
Changes in the Regulatory Status of Ketamine & its Implications for Wildlife Professionals
New Wildlife Disease Specialist for the Canadian Wildlife Service
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