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July 2004


Canada’s National Wildlife Diseases Strategy is Taking Shape
Report of the Expert Scientific Panel on Chronic Wasting Disease in Canada
CCWHC - International: Costa Rica
Protozoal Infection of the Brain in Northern Gannets
Capture Myopathy in River Otters Associated with Transmitter Implantation and High Concentrations of Mercury in Tissues
Primary Brain Tumors in Two Free-ranging Cervids
Kidney Failure in Snowshoe Hares – More Specimens Needed
Marine Mammals Emergency Network-St. Lawrence River
St. Lawrence Beluga Health Surveillance Program: 2003
Reovirus in Crows - An Emerging Disease?
Electrocution of Aquatic Animals due to Malfunction of a Submerged Pump
Knotted Tree Squirrels
Antifreeze poisoning in raccoons
Lead Poisoning in Bald Eagles