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May 1993


Work Underway at CCWHC
Wildlife Pathologists at CCWHC
An Outbreak of Duck Plague in New York State
Snowy Owl Outbreak on the Prairies
Cluster of bat rabies in red foxes in Prince Edward Island
Adenoviral encephalitis in a red fox
Carbofuran poisoning in herring gulls in Nova Scotia
Protostrongylid infection in a Newfoundland moose
Lead Poisoning in two Blue Jays
Adrenal lesions in St. Lawrence Estuary beluga whale
Cancer in a Red-Tailed Hawk and a Northern Goshawk
Winter Mortality in Birds in Ontario
Lead Poisoning in Waterfowl
Sarcoptic Mange
Crop necrosis and impaction in lesser Canada geese
Black-tailed prairie dog mortality
Poisonings of birds in Brithish Columbia