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July 1997


CCWHC Newsletter on the World Wide Web
Five-Year Review of the CCWHC
Centre for Coastal Health moves to Nanaimo
Newcastle Disease in Cormorants, California, USA - May 1997
Chronic Wasting Disease of Wild Deer
Salmonellosis in Herons, Gannet
Probable Newcastle Disease in a Cormorant
Neoplasm in Eiders
Birthing Death in a Harbour Porpoise
Low Prevalence of Neoplasia in St. Lawrence River Eels
Mortality at a Bird Feeder
Strychnine Poisoning of a Peregrine Falcon
Suspected Teflon Toxicosis in Songbirds
Suspected Avitrol Poisoning of Non-target Species
Forensic (Medico-legal) Examinations
Mortality of Porpoises in British Columbia
Predator Attacks in British Columbia
Spring Botulism