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January 1998


Quebec Pathologist
Italian Conference
A Critical Need for Information on Diseases of Wild Amphibians
Update on Zoonoses(Chlamydiaand Hanta Virus)
Listeriosis in a Canada goose
Bowhead whale stranding on the northeast coast of Newfoundland
Diseases of beluga whales from the St. Lawrence Estuary: 1998
Syngamiasias in an American robin
Lead poisoning in Canada geese due to skeet shot ingestion
Canine distemper virus in raccoons and striped skunks
Oral masses in Mourning doves
Hairless Grey Squirrels
Chronic wasting disease in a game farm elk in Saskatchewan
Toxoplasmosis in a merlin
Botulism losses in 1998
Avian Cholera in double-crested cormorants