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January 1999


New Staff Member - Quebec Regional Centre
International Cooperation in Wildlife Forensics
Road Salt and Small Birds (request for specimens)
West Nile Virus and other Zoonotic Arboviruses in North America
Canada-wide epidemic of winter tick in moose
Mortality among great black-backed and herring gulls in the Maritime provinces
Intraspecific killing in common loons
Poxvirus and multiple tumors in a grey squirrel
Circovirus infection in a rock dove
Fatal Sphaeridiotrema sp infection in lesser scaup - part II
Botulism type E in fish-eating birds, Lake Erie and Lake Huron
Gull mortality - Kitchener
Pneumonia and Septicemia in Dall's sheep, Mackenzie Mountains, NT, 1999
Crash-landing Cranes
Mountain Sheep in British Columbia