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January 2002


Wildlife Technician - Western/Northern Regional Centre
The Research Group for Arctic Parasitology (RGAP): Heading North with CCWHC
Enhanced Passive Surveillance for West Nile Virus Infection in Wild Birds in Canada - 2001
Foot and Mouth Disease and Canadian Wildlife
Raptor Tissue Collection
Barbiturate poisoning in a bald eagle
Newcastle Disease in pigeons, Prince Edward Island
Tuberculosis in a Thick-billed Murre
Lyme Disease in Newfoundland
Type C Botulism Outbreak on the Shore of the St Lawrence
Suspected cyanide poisoning in birds
Type E botulism, Lake Erie
Parvovirus in raccoons
Canine Distemper Virus in mustelids: Canine
Newcastle Disease and Avian Cholera in Cormorants with out Epidemic Mortality
Polioencephalomalacia in Wild Ungulates