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May 1997


Consensus, Coalition and Consent-Antidote to Conflict
Calendar of Upcoming Events
NADCA Committees
Overturning Sunday Hunting Bans
Who Funds Anti-Hunting Measures?
NH Defeats Anti-Trap Bill
Extreme Bill Introduced in California
New Rules Proposed for Canada Geese
Taking the Lead: A Report on Connecticut's NWCO Association Seminar
Louisiana Nutria Headed for Russia
Activist Files Suit Against ADC
Coyotes Prey on Suburban Colorado Dogs
PETA Asks Fishing Ban
An Open Letter to NADCA
Ultrasound Not Effective for Bird Control
More Abstracts Published at the 3rd Annual Conference of the Wildlife Society
Range expansion and ecology of the eastern coyote
Wolf-livestock conflict resolution in Minnesota
Can wildlife damage management be an entree to "real" (politically correct) wildlife management?
Predators in the classroom: a primer on predator ecology
Preventive control measures for the brown tree snake to protect insular wildlife communities
Oklahoma Beavers On the Increase