US Fish & Wildlife Service



Date of this Version

January 1988


Published in Diana H. Cross and Paul Vohs (eds.) Waterfowl Management Handbook. Fort Collins, CO: U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, 1988. Online at


The North American Waterfowl Management Plan, the Service's most recent mandate for management of migratory waterfowl, and recent legislation such as the Farm Bill all underscore the need for a single source of information about the management of waterfowl and their habitat. Much of this information exists in scientific papers, unpublished reports, or has never been recorded, and thus is not readily accessible by waterfowl managers. The need for a waterfowl management handbook was originally suggested to the Office of Information Transfer by personnel in the Service's north-central region. A prototype handbook was developed in 1987 and critiqued by 38 reviewers who provided suggestions on style and substance as well as topics for inclusion. The assistance of these reviewers, who included Federal and State wildlife managers, Federal and State biologists, and scientists in the United States and Canada, is most gratefully acknowledged.

This product differs from most Fish and Wildlife Leaflets. It will be issued as a series of chapters over the next several years, each with a unique number, designed to be inserted in an accompanying looseleaf binder. The Table of Contents will be issued when new information is added. Additional copies of leaflets will be printed for distribution to other resource professionals and private landowners. The four main subject categories are tabbed and color coded to allow easy reference and simple filing of future chapters.