ADAPT Program -- Accent on Developing Abstract Processes of Thought


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Copyright © 1975 American Association of Physics Teachers. Used by permission.


Module 6 continues with the application of the concept of developmental stages in your physics teaching. The module concentrates on the analysis of physics texts and film loops, which provide important instructional inputs for students. As you read the excerpts we have selected for your review, keep in mind the characteristics of concrete and formal thought explained in Module 2. Also, remember that all students, regardless of their developmental stage, will find the text easier and will understand a new topic in a more broadly-based way if they can progress gradually from a concrete view of the subject. Of course, some students will progress further than others in grasping all the implications and subtleties contained in their reading. This module includes four text passages, two film loops and a review item to be analyzed for their demand on a student's reasoning patterns. We have highlighted certain features of these excerpts to indicate what makes a passage more or less accessible to the use of concrete reasoning only. In conclusion, we have listed criteria that you may use to evaluate physics texts or to help you prepare instructional materials of your own.