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Spring 5-3-2013


Mirza, M. S., & Mehmood, K. (2013). Impact of IT on Human Resources of Pakistani University Libraries. Library Philosophy and Practice.


The core objective of this paper is to study the impact of IT on human resources serving in the university libraries of Pakistan. To achieve this objective a questionnaire survey of 82 university libraries from public and private sector was conducted. Respondents were asked to express their opinion about 10 statements to measure their perceptions about impact of information technology on human resources. A five point Likert Scale was used to rate the statements. Descriptive (Min., Max., Mean, Median, Mode, SD) and inferential (t-test) statistics was used to analyze the data.

Calculated values of ‘t’ and its P-values indicates that there is no significant difference between the opinions of both public and private sector’s respondents regarding the impacts of IT on human resources except the statement ‘Staff has more awareness about profession’.

The findings of this study are helpful in formulating human resource development policies and strategies not only in Pakistani university libraries but also in other developing and under developing countries of the world.