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Timoleon, Etc. was the last work by Herman Melville published during his life. It was printed by the Caxton Press in May 1891, in an edition of 25 copies.

Presented here is a facsimile of the 1891 first edition, in PDF format. A facsimile of the 1924 Constable (Standard) edition in PDF format and the texts of both editions in ASCII format are also attached as supplementary files.

Ultimately, the Northwestern-Newberry edition will establish and make available the authoritative texts of these 42 poems. Until such time, the texts here are offered for the use of researchers, scholars, and readers. Users are encouraged to download, save, print, copy from, and link to these files, but are requested not to publish or post the complete work elsewhere without prior permission.

Timoleon, Etc. includes the following 42 poems:
After the Pleasure Party
The Night March
The Ravaged Villa
The Margrave’s Birthnight
Magian Wine
The Garden of Metrodorus
The New Zealot to the Sun
The Weaver
Lamia’s Song
In a Garret
Lone Founts
The Bench of Boors
The Enthusiast
C_____’s Lament
Shelley’s Vision
Fragments of A Lost Gnostic Poem of the 12th Century
The Marchioness of Brinvilliers
The Age of The Antonines
Herba Santa
In a Bye Canal
Pisa’s Leaning Tower
In a Church of Padua
Milan Cathedral
The Attic Landscape
The Same
The Parthenon
Greek Masonry
Greek Architecture
Off Cape Colonna
The Archipelago
Disinterment of the Hermes
The Apparition
In the Desert
The Great Pyramid
L‘ ENVOI [section]
The Return of the Sire de Nesle

Timoleon--Constable-1924.pdf (127 kB)
PDF facsimile version of Constable 1924 (Works) edition

Timo-1891-ASCII.txt (45 kB)
ASCII version of 1891 Caxton edition

Timo-1924-ASCII.txt (45 kB)
ASCII version of 1924 Constable edition