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What is the most mysterious feelings in mankind? What is the most general way by which every mankind is subject to change. Well monotonous, and steady life where someone does the same kind of work at same pace in same time, without any change of events, creates the burdensome feeling in a person. Yet people are unaware of it. We don't know where are we going, yet we go at the same pace, since in practical sense we are getting some credit for something. But the thing how much do we keep up, and maintain the balance in nature, so that we can really feel the value and the quality of life, and know the exact happiness of fulfilling the work. But if its totally becomes materialistic, and emotional aspect goes away from human beings, where social talking never goes away from your duties. Then!!!! ... I mean there is no need of human beings. If we are so developed, right from past few centuries and our domination, had created a modern social world, then we can create all kinds of devices and software which can handle all the works for which the people don't have to stay overtime just to finish that. I mean in that way human life will move through some progress, and will have some development. But the environment where we are living nothing new or development is taking place as the work becomes a duty for human being but not to machine which should be given some task to be completed.So all those devices are not in the society, since human being is already taking charge if it.