Mid-West Quarterly, The (1913-1918)


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Published in THE MID-WEST QUARTERLY 2:3 (April 1915), pp. 296-309. Published by G.P. Putnam’s Sons & the University of Nebraska.


Man from the Moon: I thought I knew something about mundane affairs from my study of the newspapers; but to see a Jeffersonian with a ring through his nose led about like a dancing bear by a socialist! It's enough to make a man believe in possession- or what amounts to much the same thing, conversion. But hold; I will accost him. (To Jeffersonian.) Why do you offer yourself to be bullyragged by this person, whom I recognize by his salt-and-pepper suit, white tie, and kid gloves to be a follower of the creed, "property is robbery"?

Jeffersonian: Why, I do this quite willingly, sir.

Man from the Moon: My reading of history is that you used to stand up bravely for the "rights of man," intending thereby the claim of each man to the fruits of his own labour. By that you understood, further, his security in undertaking anything that might bring him either a wage of labour or a rent of luck.