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Published by Arizona Game and Fish Department (2010) 2 pp.


Between November 2008 and February 2010, Mexico made several modifications to existing environmental and wildlife regulations regarding invasive species.

On November 2008, the Deputy Chamber made several modifications to the Ecological Equilibrium and Environmental Protection General Law (LGEEPA by its Spanish acronym; equivalent to NEPA), and the Wildlife General Law. These modifications were published in the Federal Register until February 2010.

The intent of these modifications was to strengthen existing regulations by incorporating more specific language dealing with invasive species and make these regulations more in tune with other regulations outside of the wildlife arena, such as the Forestry, Human Health, Fisheries and Aquaculture, Economic, Biosecurity of Genetically Modified Organisms, Animal and Plant Health, and Foreign Commerce laws. Highlights of these modifications:

-It defines an exotic invasive species as: “A species or population that is not native and it is found outside of its natural distribution range. It is capable of surviving, reproducing, and establishing itself in natural habitats and ecosystems and threatens the native biological diversity, economy or human health.”

-Prohibits the importation of exotic invasive species or any other wild species that can carry an exotic invasive species and represent a threat to biodiversity, the economy, and human health.

-Prohibits the release into the wild of exotic invasive species.

-Mandates the creation of a list of exotic invasive species that has to be reviewed every 3 years or earlier if needed (NOTE: There are currently more than 1,000 species considered as invasive in Mexico with fishes and plants comprising the largest numbers).

-Mandates the creation of a regulation on prevention of entry of these species, management, control and eradication of those exotic invasive species which are already established in Mexico.

-Gives the Economy Ministry the power to control transit of these species inside Mexico.