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Published by Nebraska Cooperative Fish & Wildlife Research Unit, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, 103 Miller Hall, Lincoln NE 68583-0711


Research Highlight: Assessing the Effects of Habitat Incentives and Public Access Programs on Pheasant Populations

Honors and Awards: Jason DeBoer, Kent Fricke, Shana Sundstrom, Karie Decker, Dan Uden, Josiah Dallmann, Victoria Simonsen, Valerie Egger, Michelle Hellman, and Bethany Teeters

Moving On: Ryan Stutzman, Chris Jorgensen, Kody Unstad

Teaching: Joseph (TJ) Fontaine and Kevin Pope

Outreach Activities: Karie Decker, Carla Bobier, Chris Jorgensen, Caroline Jezierski

Training: Creel Survey Workshop

Invasive Species Update: Nebraska LB 391

Publications: Jason DeBoer, Dustin Martin, Kevin Pope, Shana Sundstrom, Craig Allen

Announcements: Stella Elizabeth Spirk, Milo Leroy Bobier

Midwest Fish and Wildlife Conference held in Des Moines, IA December 2011
Resilience Alliance Future Search Meeting and Science Meeting January 9-13 in Camargue, France
Nebraska Pheasants and Quail State Habitat meeting in Kearney, NE, April 28.
Nebraska Chapter of the American Fisheries Society meeting in Gretna, NE
Nebraska Chapter of the Wildlife Society Annual Conference at Ponca State Park
Missouri River Natural Resources Conference in Pierre, SD
Pack 27 Cub Scout Group at Calvert Elementary School, Lincoln, NE