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Published by Nebraska Cooperative Fish & Wildlife Research Unit, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, 103 Miller Hall, Lincoln NE 68583-0711


Changing Faces

Annual Meeting

New Research

Assessing Local and Regional Variability in

Productivity and Fidelity of Grassland Birds on

National Park Service Units in the Great Plains

Population Assessment of Channel Catfish in


Current Research

Cross-Scale Structure in Ecosystems

Diversity and Ecological Functions

Evaluation of Landowner Incentives Program

(LIP) for Species at Risk

Impact of White Perch on Walleye; and

Predators of White Perch at Branched Oak and

Pawnee Reservoirs

Monitoring, Mapping and Risk Assessment for

Non-Indigenous Invasive Species in Nebraska

(a.k.a. Nebraska Invasive Species Project)


Graduate Student News (Aaron Alai; Nathan (Nate) Gosch; Christopher (Chris) Lewis; Aaron Lotz; Annabel Major; Dustin Martin; Thaddeus (Thad) Miller; Kristine Nemec; Sarah Rehme; Lindsey Reinarz; Lindsey Richters; Chad Smith; Justin Williams; Sam Wilson)

Snakes and Lizards and Birds.

Oh, My! And Levitation, too!

Research Cont'd

Recruitment of Walleye and White Bass in

Nebraska’s Southwest Irrigation Reservoirs

River Otter Home Range and Habitats

Spatial Risk Assessment of Invasive Species

Impacts on Native Species in Nebraska

Understanding Invasions and Extinctions

Awards & Recognitions

Teaching: Spring 2008