Nebraska Network 21


Date of this Version

November 2006


Nebraska Network 21 was established as a result of a grant from the W. K. Kellogg Foundation to the University of Nebraska-Lincoln Institute of Agriculture and Natural Resources to creatively meet the learning needs of Nebraskans in the 21st century. One outcome was establishment of the Visionary Food Systems Curricula Action Team. The Action Team held Summit I on Reinventing Agriculture and Natural Resources Education on Feb. 10, 1998 and Summit II on Nov. 19, 1998. Both Summits attracted more than 100 Nebraskans from across the state. Following Summit II, the Legislative Committee proposed establishing a group that would maintain broad-based support for lifelong learning in and about agriculture and natural resources and set a goal for establishing a state task force for this purposes. The idea was presented to then Gov. Mike Johanns who subsequently appointed the Governor’s Task Force on Agriculture and Natural Resources Education. The Task Force included statewide representation in agriculture, business, natural resources, agribusiness, education and government. Since its inception, members of the Task Force have been thoroughly dedicated to the group. They have a profound interest in furthering agriculture and natural resources literacy among all Nebraskans throughout life.
Document includes report of the final meeting of the task force: June 11, 2007.